We support seamless conversions between IPC 175x and IEC 62474 standards and many more...

Version Number Release Date Functional Changes
v 1.32 25-Nov-14
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added XML declaration to ensure proper document encoding
    • Fixed mapping issue to display Amount tag on Substance Category for Class C declaration
v 1.31 29-July-14 Fix for internet connectivity problem through a proxy server.
v 1.3 08-July-14
  • Updated REACH Candidate List published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on June 16, 2014
  • Support for file references
  • Automatic computation of Substance Concentration
  • Digital Signature support (requires Signing Certificate with private key)
  • Improved error handling/messaging
  • Bug Fixes
v 1.2.1 27-June-14
  • Support for Chinese Language
  • Bug Fixes when importing IPC 1752-2 1.1 xml
    • CAS number is now imported properly
    • Automatic conversion of PPM to Concentration(%)
v 1.2 12-May-14
  • Ability to view XML in a readable HTML page
    • A button is provided in Business Info worksheet of ACDC form to view the XML
    • The XML viewer includes Business Info, Product Information and Validation Result(s)
v 1.1 11-Apr-14
  • Added REACH Substances
  • Enhancements
    • Error handling
    • Validation
    • Increase table max rows
  • Bug Fixes
v 1.0 21-Mar-14
  • Import of Non-Macro ACDC form
  • Support for Manufacturing Info
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enhancements
    • Consistent Labeling with IPC
    • Quick navigation of each worksheet on Data Summary
    • Validation
    • Tooltip
v 0.1 Beta 28-Feb-14
  • Revision History sheet
  • Separated Business Info and Product List
  • Supported worksheets for Class A, B, C and D
  • Support for IPC 1752-2
  • Support for IPC 1752-A
  • Support for IEC 64274
  • Multiple Supplier Contacts
  • Bug Fixes

This section demonstrates the translations we make to move data between standards. Most data moves through our own Anthesis intermediate XML schema, a flexible schema designed to span most data collection templates available today.